Personal assistant

If you feel that full-time care is too much for your needs, then we can help with providing a support worker to help with individual tasks that you find more difficult. Whether you just need a bit of help around the garden or assistance with the shop each week, Safe Harbour can help.

How it works

Safe Harbour’s care packages are as unique as the people who need them, as we offer a bespoke care service tailored to you or a loved one’s needs. We can arrange an initial free assessment in as little as 48 hours, which allows us to assess your needs whilst you get to know some of our team a little better. Your individual freedoms, decision making, and independence is our priority, and a personal assistant is a great way to ensure that you can live how you would like.

Who will care for my loved one?

It is nice to have peace of mind that you are not alone. At Safe Harbour, we aim to be like a second family, so you do not ever feel like you have to solve any problem alone if you do not want to. We try to match you with members of staff that you get along with, but if you are unhappy at any point then we would be happy to work to fix the issue.

Get in touch

For more information on our care options and the ways that we can assist you, please use our contact page below. Our phone lines operate 24 hours a day, and, allowing for covid restrictions, you can visit our office at a time that best suits you. If you want a care solution then please talk to us as soon as possible, because we can help.

All our care services are listed below: