I have been a client of Safe Harbour since Jan 2014. Over the years, I’ve met quite a few carers and have found them all understanding and polite. I was apprehensive to start with but knew I needed some help with getting ready in the morning. (Otherwise, I will be in nightclothes all day) Over the years I have made friends with these carers and over a cup of tea, I have got to know them. They have gained my trust and I feel they have given me confidence, and I can now do things around the house that I couldn’t do before. For example, going to the bathroom on my own, but knowing there is help at hand if required. My personal situation will not improve, but I am reassured that if things get more difficult the carers will be there to help me.

Alison —  Client

The team at Safe Harbour looked after my mum for almost 5 years.  During that time they provided empathetic and supportive care and worked hard to build good relationships with her.  Whilst my mother was not always the easiest of individuals to care for, given the advancing stages of her dementia, the girls always showed the utmost patience and kindness towards her and we were never in any doubt as to their level of commitment.

Caroline —  Client

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