Care in your own home

Home is where the heart is – it is where we feel safest and happiest. That’s why it is our mission to provide high-quality care and support for those who want to remain in the comfort of their home. Safe Harbour was created to support people to live independently

The service we provide

Our plans are built according to your individual needs, working to meet all aspects of care after a free initial assessment. The assessment can be completed in as little as 48 hours after your initial call. We can also consult and communicate with any loved ones that you would like to be involved with the process to make sure that everything is how you would like it.

Who will care for my loved one?

Safe Harbour Homecare staff are trained to support individuals with day-to-day tasks to help them live independently in their own homes. From walking the dog, gardening, and helping to make dinner to more complex care needs that require a trained professional.

Get in touch

For more information on our care options and the ways that we can assist you, please use our contact page below. Our phone lines operate 24 hours a day, and, allowing for covid restrictions, you can visit our office at a time that best suits you. If you want a care solution then please talk to us as soon as possible, because we can help.

All our care services are listed below: