End of life care

End-of-life care is there for people who would like to spend their remaining time in the place that they are happiest – at home. We believe that everybody should be able to choose where they spend their remaining days or weeks, and fully appreciate the difficult decisions that people have to make in these tender moments.

The service we provide

Your comfort and safety are our number one priority when providing palliative care, and we work with the relevant authorities to help ensure this. We also work with you and anybody else that you feel should be involved during this time, providing support and helping you to retain your independence as best we can.

Who will care for my loved one?

Our carers are trained to provide proper palliative support, and our bespoke plans will be adapted to your individual needs as they evolve. Should the situation change or progress, we can get in touch with whomever you would like to be involved with and plan accordingly.

Get in touch

For more information on our care options and the ways that we can assist you, please use our contact page below. Our phone lines operate 24 hours a day, and, allowing for covid restrictions, you can visit our office at a time that best suits you. If you want a care solution then please talk to us as soon as possible, because we can help.

All our care services are listed below: