At Safe Harbour our homecare services come in many different forms but they have one thing in common – they are all designed to help you continue living independently at home or return to your own home after illness.


We will listen to what you tell us about the help you need, then work with you on a plan that ensures you get the most out of life. You can choose Safe Harbour care for just a few hours a week or daily between 7am and 10pm, with night care also available.


All the support you need



Personal care:
your Safe Harbour Carer will help you look after your personal needs – getting up, going to bed, dressing, washing, having a bath, using the toilet, personal hygiene, eating and drinking.

Domestic help:
carrying out small jobs such as washing up and laundry, as part of an enabling Care Plan.

Preparing meals:
your Carer can make sandwiches and light meals for you. We can also prepare homemade hot meals for you – we simply need to allow your Carer more time.

Medication assistance:
your Carer can remind you to take your medicine and can administer oral medication if you wish (restrictions apply – please ask us).

Companionship and social care:
your Safe Harbour Carer can accompany you to social activities or your day centre and spend time with you, helping you to learn new skills or how to get a particular task done.

Sitting services:
you might need one of our Carers to stay with you while the person who normally looks after you has a short break.

Supported living:
our support includes getting you out and about to college, bingo, local groups or other social activities you might enjoy.

Safe Harbour Homecare can help with shopping and errands such as collecting your benefits, pensions or prescriptions.

So much more:
because we are not solely ‘task-oriented’ we like to think there is time for fun, so if you are like our client who loves to dance, just let us know!









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